Can Turtles outgrow their shells?

Box Turtle

There are some questions in life that seem impossible to answer. What came first the chicken or the egg? (It was the egg.) How did the big bang happen? (It’s complicated, but we don’t know.) What happens after death? (Your […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Sex on Earth – A Celebration of Animal Reproduction

Sex on Earth

Animal sex isn’t the sort of thing that usually sells books. With the possible exception of those funny Daily Mail attention-grabbers (like ‘The joy of T-Rex: scientists show how dinosaurs had sex’), most of us couldn’t give two hoots about […]


How did Brunel know that his railway bridges wouldn’t fall down?


“Did Isambard Kingdom Brunel calculate how strong his bridges would be; and if so, how?” The quick answer is that Brunel was indeed able to work out the strength of his bridges and other structures, and he did it in […]