Why do my eyes feel like closing when I’m tired?

Why do my eyes feel like closing when I'm tired?

We all know how it feels to have drooping eyelids after a long day. It happens for the same reason we feel like slouching down on the sofa, putting our feet up and leaning our head against someone else’s shoulder […]


Should non-scientists be involved in peer review?

Peer Review

In my opinion, no… Peer review is the most widely used way to check scientific research before it sees the light of day. It isn’t only used in science – most academic disciplines use it. The process, just like being […]


Why can I taste ammonia after intense exercise?

Ammonia smell after intense exercise

After a long, hard work out, it will be difficult not to notice the changes that happen to your body – increased heart rate, shortness of breath as well as the obvious, a bucket load of sweat! However, what you […]