How did Brunel know that his railway bridges wouldn’t fall down?


“Did Isambard Kingdom Brunel calculate how strong his bridges would be; and if so, how?” The quick answer is that Brunel was indeed able to work out the strength of his bridges and other structures, and he did it in […]


I heard that exercising will ‘supercharge’ my DNA. Seriously?

Exercising to get better DNA

 “Why did a gym instructor say that when we exercise our DNA gets “upgraded”? As far as I’m aware we are born with our DNA and exercise won’t change that!” Both you and the gym instructor may be right. You certainly are – for we […]


Why do we forget our dreams so soon after waking up?

Why we forget dreams

Who isn’t familiar with those mornings where you wake up in the middle of a dream and – in the few seconds it takes you to realise it wasn’t real – the memory suddenly evaporates? Sometimes it sticks around long […]