Getting your mind around dark matter

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Dark matter. It may sound like a type of top-shelf reading material, or something coveted by evil Sith lords in a galaxy far, far away, but dark matter is, as most theoretical physicists agree, more than just dodgy fiction. Dark […]


Which countries have more women than men?

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Many single English men will know that Nottingham is the place to go if you’re in search of love. It has long been said that women far outnumber men in Robin Hood’s former stomping ground – by as many as […]


Why does the sound of running water make you want to pee?

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What’s worse than needing a pee when you can’t get to a toilet? The sound of running water, that’s what. Be it from a tap or the rain outside, the soft trickle-trickle noise can seem like it’s mocking your bladder. […]