News: Pharmaceutical giants bare all to help cancer research

Introducing predictive medicine

In was announced in the news today that pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer are opening their books for the first time in a bid to help find new cancer treatments. It’s a remarkable breakthrough, especially given that pharmaceutical giants are […]


Why do nails keep growing after death?

Why finger nails grow after death

Somewhere right now someone has passed. Everyone asking questions.  Why so young?  Why now?  Why are their fingernails still growing? (Seriously? Ed) The answer to this question is really quite simple.  As many of you may know, the human body […]


Is it possible to make healthy food taste as good as the unhealthy food?

Making healthy food taste unhealthy

Getting healthy food options to taste like the ‘unhealthy’ foods (e.g. chocolate, fried food) we love so much isn’t easy. Some say it is impossible, and with good reason… The flavour of our food depends on LOTS of different factors: temperature […]