Does wearing a cycling helmet improve your chances of survival in an accident?

Bike Helmet Safety

Cycling is a great way to get some exercise and to zip from place to place without polluting the environment. However, it does come with its risks – mainly in the form of injuries sustained in tumbles and collisions. So […]


Could we be releasing a smallpox superbug?

Smallpox Virus

In early July, scientists at the National Institute of Health in Maryland, USA, discovered a stash of vials containing the deadly (and thankfully all but extinct) disease smallpox. They had been sitting, forgotten in a storage room since the 1950s. […]


Why do my socks smell of cheese?


We humans are sweaty beasts. Amazingly enough, we can produce up to 2-4 litres of sweat per hour, and body parts that are clothed in socks and tightly laced up shoes are likely to get particularly moist. Sweat itself is […]