Do earwigs have a purpose?

Point of earwigs

Earwigs are a real nuisance and it’s difficult to imagine that they have any meaningful reason for existing. After all, what good is an insect that supposedly burrows in our ears when we sleep? However, like so many things on […]


Why do bath bubbles pop when I sprinkle talcum powder on them?

Why bath bubbles pop

For most of us, kid’s birthday parties are a nightmare that are best avoided. Having to supervise one would be an experience with few perks. One of which would be getting to eat chocolate cake. Another would be getting to […]


How do mobile phones vibrate? They seem too small to have a spring inside!

How phones vibrate

Mobile phones are made to vibrate by a very small electric motor with an eccentrically mounted (off-centre) weight on the shaft (click here to see one). When the motor spins, this unbalanced weight makes the phone vibrate in exactly the […]