The science of why we love and hate certain flavours

Marmite, foods we love or hate

I struggle to understand why anyone would willingly eat a salty, dark brown sticky sludge that comes from a beer-makers’ garbage can. But lots of people do. Even the company selling the so-called spread know that the world is divided […]


Why coloured paints mix to black sludge – but light colours add up to white!?

Mixing colours

“I’ve had a bit of a problem when explaining colors to my kids who have started to ask tricky questions such as ‘what colour do you get if you mix pink & green?’ Now as I understand it, white is […]


What’s bigger, the Millennium Falcon or a blue whale?

Millennium Falcon

When I was at school all the kids loved Star Wars. The girls in my class saw Princess Leia as their no-nonsense role model, while the boys all dreamed of piloting an ‘X-wing’ spaceship and destroying the Death Star – […]