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Grow your own spaghetti tree! (My Top Five April Fools)

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Depending on when you read this, you may no longer be allowed to pull any April Fools’ Day gags (12noon being the traditional cut-off). If you’ve successfully drenched someone with a bucket full of water, balanced above a door, then […]


Why is blood red?

Why blood is red

Blood is red because it contains red blood cells which are red (surprisingly enough). Blood is 55% liquid and 45% cells. Of these cells, about 98% are red – more than enough to give our life-giving fluid its rich red […]


How can we see a light across the universe if brightness diminishes with distance?

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The North Star (Polaris) is a colossal 323 light years from Earth, and yet it is clearly visible in the night sky. The reason it is possible to see a star nearly 2,000 trillion miles away is that your eyes […]