The top 5 science scams of all time

The Cardiff Giant

1. The Piltdown man For fossil-hunters, discovering caveman remains is like striking gold! Charles Dawson must have thought all his Birthdays had come at once, when in 1912 he found the Piltdown man in a gravel pit in Piltdown, England. […]


Is there a fish that can walk on land?

Senegal Bichir

Fish can walk on land. Yes, that’s right, you didn’t misread it – those gill-bearing, aquatic animals can survive on the same surface that terrestrial animals have occupied for the last few millions of years. Oh, and not to mention […]


New cancer-killing headwear so successful clinical trials abandoned


Testing of a new head-mounted cancer treatment device has been so successful that clinical trials have been abandoned – so that more patients can use it straight away. The ‘NovoTTF-100A System’ is a futuristic-looking piece of headwear designed to treat […]