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“I loved every page of this issue! Thank you for making science interesting for us mere mortals!” Linda Brunet, Guru reader

Science is a geeky word. And the world is full of people who are itching to feed their inner geek. Written to satisfy the biggest inner-geek appetite, Guru Magazine’s riveting mix of health, technology, psychology, personality, and humour makes it one of the most exciting upcoming brands. Brimming with character and wit, it’s science at its best – and there’s not a lab coat in sight.

More than a magazine

Guru is an online community that brings together people from all walks of life who share a common interest for deeper meaning and substance.

Irreverently relevant

Guru explores topics that people want to read about because it’s relevant to them – easy-going articles about biomedicine, health, and technology.

Delightfully diverse

A mix of content appeals to a discerning, enquiring mind – with comment and opinion pieces that provoke thought and discussion.

Free for all

Our audience enjoy Guru just because they want to – on their smartphone, tablet, e-Reader and computer. Featured within Apple’s Newsstand and Google ‘Play’, Guru has unparalleled access to an engaged, global audience.

A world first, Guru Magazine was launched in 2011 as a ‘science-lifestyle’ publication – combining intelligent writing, engaging features and trustworthy science. Eschewing the dry, stuffy style that puts so many people off science, Guru is snappy, stylish and relevant to a switched-on adult audience.


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