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    Could you be the next Guru?
    Could you be the next Guru?

    noun / goo-roo
    gurus, plural
    1. A wise or learned one
    2. Someone with expertise and passion
    3. Willing to share knowledge with others

Guru is a crowd-sourcing project, which means it is written by you and for you. Do you want to share what you do with a wider audience? If you enjoy writing, photography, or art – then why not apply to get involved with Guru?

Just fill in the form and tell us what you’d like to bring to Guru. Maybe it’s just an idea or you have something you want to get off your chest – we’d love to hear from you!

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If you’re thinking of contributing in some way to Guru be sure to read the General Guidance for Submissions (word document).

Article Submission Deadlines

• Issue 12: April 12th 2013
• Issue 13: June 9th 2013
• Issue 14: August 10th 2013
• Issue 15: October 11th 2013
• Issue 16: December 8th 2013

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