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Isn’t it nice when people work together?

Guru is all about working together, and the bimonthly magazine is the culmination of the efforts of people from around the world. We’re crowd-sourced and have an open door philosophy: anyone who is passionate about communicating science in a clear and understandable way can apply to get involved.

So we’ve decided to buck the trend and do something a bit different.

We are now home to the Guru Science Communication Co-operative. It’s the world’s first co-operative for science communicators (that’s anyone who writes, draws, speaks or bleeps in Morse code about topics relating to science).

All co-operative companies are owned and run by its members. In our case, our members have a say in the management and direction of the magazine (including content, style, marketing and money-making) and will be entitled to a share of the dividends.

It’s a neat and very exciting way to do business. Watch our nice little video which explains everything:

If you have previously contributed to Guru in some way and are interested in becoming a member of the new co-operative, just shoot us an e-mail at for more information. Membership is open to anyone, so if you’re a science writer, designer, programmer or photographer, and you want to find out more then let us know.

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