Revealed! Santa on Facebook

On the tenth day of Christmas, my Guru revealed to me… Santa’s Facebook Newsfeed!

Wars, riots and natural disasters aside, 2011 has been the year of the social network.

Kris Kringle
Is Santa your friend on Facebook?
A recently published report by market research team ComScore (who specialise in everything digital) announced that we now live in a ‘Social World’ – thanks to Facebook, Twitter and the like (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Here’s some of the noodle-boggling stats they uncovered:

  • Social networking accounts for one in every five minutes spent on online (making it the most popular online activity)
  • 82% of the world with access to the internet are involved in social networking
  • One in ten internet users are twitters (or is that ‘Tweeters’?)
  • Nearly half (40%) of smartphone users access social networking every day
  • Over 55’s are the fastest growing Facebook and Twitter users – with nearly 80% of the age group somehow engaged with social networking

What would you guess was the most Tweeted moment of 2011? The MTV Video Music awards in September managed to be the most ‘socially engaging’ event – with almost 9,000 tweets per second (you’re forgiven if you missed it).

So, surely that friendly bearded fellow Santa has got himself on Facebook?

Of course he has. He’s been kind enough to send us a screen shot of his news feed:


Santa's Facebook Newsfeed

Have a Very Merry Christmas from the team at Guru!

Every day in the run up to Christmas Guru will be publishing a humorous, witty or intriguing post. It’s the Guru 12 Days of Christmas! Missed any? Click here to see all the festive posts so far.

And yes, we know the real twelve days of Christmas officially starts on Christmas day…

  • You can read the full ComScore report here

Article by Stuart Farrimond

December 23, 2011

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