How To: Make a Darth Vader Cake!

“I want a Cake in the shape of Darth Vader’s head!” was the Birthday wish of one Star Wars adoring four year old boy…

  • Could it be done on a budget?
  • Did you need special cake making qualifications?
  • Was it even possible?

Well, rest assured – it is definitely possible!

Here’s your 1 minute 27 second, idiot-proof guide to making a Darth Vader Cake… (and it’s chocolate too!)

Darth Vader Cake recipe (equivalent to four cakes)

Half Eaten Cake
Evidence of satisfaction!
Sift the following ingredients:

17.5 oz (500g) plain flour
5 tbs cocoa
2.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2.5 tsp baking powder

Now add 13.5oz caster sugar

Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients then add:

5.5 tbs golden syrup
5 eggs (beaten)
2/3 pint (400 ml) corn oil
2/3 pint (400 ml) milk

Mix well

Pour into a well greased tins

Place in oven at 160 degrees C / 325 Fahrenheit / Gas Mark 3 for 60 – 90 mins

Butter Icing Recipe

10 oz (280g) icing sugar
5 oz (140g) butter
1/4 pint (140 ml) milk
into a paste

Got a favourite recipe?

Do share…

Article by Stuart Farrimond

September 18, 2011

Doctor Stu is editor of Guru Magazine. He originally trained as a medical doctor before deciding to branch out into lecturing, writing, editing and science communication. He drinks far too much coffee, eats lots of ice cream and has a bizarre love of keeping fit.
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