What Olympians eat: then and now

Sports nutrition is big business. What an athlete eats is seen as crucial to their training. How would an ancient Olympian’s diet line up with today’s?

The Olympic Diet through the ages

The Michael Phelps diet – could you stomach it?

The Michael Phelps diet10,000 kilocalories (five times a man’s normal amount) to support his daily five hours’ training. It’s not for the faint-hearted…

3 fried egg sandwiches; cheese; tomatoes; lettuce; fried onions; mayonnaise; 3 chocolate-chip pancakes;5-egg omelette; 3 sugar-coated slices of French toast; bowl of grits; 2 cups of coffee
½kg (1lb) of enriched pasta; 2 large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread; energy drinks
½kg of pasta with carbonara sauce; large pizza; energy drinks

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Article by Natasha Agabalyan

August 3, 2012

Natasha is a lab scientist and budding chef who loves to explore the science behind what she puts in the pot. Holding a PhD in cell biology, she left her home in Brighton, UK, to continue her conquest for a Nobel Prize in Calgary, Canada. In between drinking excessive amounts of coffee and blogging at The Science Informant, she likes to geek out with an episode or ten of Star Trek. You can follow her on twitter at @SciencInformant.

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