Guru Magazine Latest Issue: Feb-Mar 2014

Issue 17: Evolution 2.0

How technology is becoming a part of us

Issue 17: Evolution 2.0Hi there! I almost didn’t recognize you behind all that tech-bling you’re wearing. You’ve got your Google Glass, smartwatch, and… is that a robotic hand you’re wearing? Nice.

In this issue of Guru Magazine, we give you a taste of just how deeply technology has permeated culture. We also ask the important question: why would anyone seriously want to wear a pair of internet-enabled spectacles, or put on a sweater that glows with your mood?

As ever, we mix the serious and playful in this issue. Janske Nel delves into the ‘personalised’ future of medicine while Media Guru, Ben Veal attempts to answer the question: “Does commuting have to be such a burden?” (Expect lots of useful alternatives to playing Angry Birds while waiting for the train to arrive.)

This issue also marks something of a turning point in Guru’s evolution. Issue 17 of Guru will be the last of its type; we’re taking a pause from publishing as we work behind the scenes to rebrand and redesign our unique science lifestyle production. Click here to find out more about the excitement that awaits…

What’s inside this issue

  • Ditch the personality tests: they lessen you.
  • Does technology make you a better person?
  • Social media bites back: when sharks learn to tweet.
  • Keep you body clock in sync… very easily.
  • 5 ways to make funky tunes
  • Plus: your questions, reviews and lots of pretty pictures…
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