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Issue Zero:

Released: 1st June 2011

Read Issue Zero Here


  • Top 10 Medical Myths
  • Difficult Decisions
  • Overcoming Social Media Addiction
  • A Healthy Haggis?
  • Build your own Satellite

Issue One:

Released: 1st August 2011
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  • Painting Love and Death
  • The Man who Fell in Love with a Computer
  • Sceptic Superheroes
  • Molecular Gastronomy at home
  • The Magic of Harry Potter

Issue Two:

Released: 3rd October 2011
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  • James Randi interview
  • The secret of attraction
  • Surviving an 8.8 earthquake
  • False confessions explored
  • The Top 10 Horror movies of all time

Issue Three:

Released: 1st December 2011
Issue Three


  • 58-page bumper issue
  • How Shops trick you
  • The joy of pinball!
  • Hi-Tech holiday
  • San Francisco explored
  • Cocktail recipes

Issue Four:

Released: 1st Feb 2012
Issue Four front cover


  • Computers that read minds
  • The beauty of Jazz
  • The joy of repetition by Prof Stephen Curry
  • Diets that never work
  • Europa: Life in our Solar System?
  • Interview with Lewis Dartnell

Issue Five:

Released: 1st April 2012


  • Guru meets director of forthcoming ‘boredom’ documentary
  • The science of food pairing
  • Picture this: 1850’s photography revival
  • The ultimate rock/pop mixtape
  • Poo-gloos: an environmental solution for today
  • Pet power: Why we like owning dogs

Issue Six:

Released: 1st June 2012
Issue Six Guru Magazine


  • Guru celebrates its one year anniversary!
  • The truth about spontaneous human combustion
  • An Olympian’s diet through the ages
  • The brain parasite that offers hope of Alzheimer’s cure
  • Coffee-shop geneticists: normal people who do genetic research for fun (!?)
  • Were you born an addict?

Issue Seven:

Released: 1st August 2012
Issue Seven Guru Magazine


  • Too much choice? – Columnist Leila Wildsmith considers a life with fewer choices.
  • Social media on the mind – How much does your Facebook fascination affect you?
  • Being frank about frankenfoods – Charlie sticks his fork into GM food.
  • It’s never too late to re-hydrate – fitness Guru explains when you should gulp that sports drink.
  • Gunshot forensics – James Lloyd listens to the sound of gunfire, and tries to solve a crime.
  • Consegrity – Sceptical Daryl Illbury explores a deadly alternative therapy.
  • Are We Ready To Give Up The Atom? Part 2.

Issue Eight:

Released: 1st October 2012
Issue Eight Guru Magazine


  • Book addiction: how much is too much?
  • Chew it over: Unveiling chewing gum for the ethical shopper
  • Hunting the turtle hunters
  • Could your taste buds be making you fat?
  • Water Wars: A looming global issue
  • What’s stopping you having the ultimate physique?
  • The demise of university education

Issue Nine:

Released: 3rd December 2012
Issue Nine Guru Magazine


  • The man who found joy while ‘locked in’
  • The psychology of how to break troublesome habits
  • The day a family of mannequins had an atomic experience!
  • Why you shouldn’t howl at the moon
  • The genetic future of sports doping?
  • Top 10 gifts you can’t live without
  • Volcanic ash and a Panini

Issue Ten:

Released: 1st February 2013

Issue Ten Guru Magazine


  • Last minute shoppers are nicer people
  • How real men dance
  • 5 reasons not to preapare for a Zombie apocalypse
  • Use Latin to make friends and influence people (an idiots guide)
  • Rediscovering the Macbeth Effect
  • Exploring weird-tasting food
  • Ask a Guru, news and lots more…

Issue Eleven:

Released: 1st April 2013
Issue Eleven Guru Magazine


  • From Brain Damage to Beethoven: how a tragic accident created a musical prodigy
  • How Lance Armstrong duped the world
  • You’re getting sleepy… The secret of a drug free all-nighter
  • Death at the playground: when dogs stop being our best friend
  • Cancer, snakes and ladders: why some smokers live to 100
  • PLUS: Book and event reviews, and a ‘Guru goes to Brighton’ special

Issue Twelve:

Released: 3rd June 2013
Issue Twelve Guru Magazine


  • Michelin Star cooking at home: experimenting with new kit
  • 3 Tips for life success: from the greatest man the world has never heard of
  • Scepticism: how ear candling helps you to think clearly
  • (un)Reality bites: when reality TV gets too real
    Six reasons to kiss a frog (no, really!)
  • PLUS: Special news report, new app reviews, the random image, competitions…

Issue Thirteen:

Released: 1st August 2013
Issue Thirteen Guru Magazine


  • The psychology of stripping: peep into the psyche of the exotic dancer.
  • 10 best geek jokes, for the nerd with a sense of humour.
  • Surviving and asteroid collision: start stockpiling food.
  • Fact vs. fiction: separate real science from the stuff that… well, just isn’t.
  • A near-death in the Outback: Trust us, never go running without water.
  • PLUS: news, reviews, exclusive book excerpt, Ask a Guru…

Issue Fourteen:

Released: 1st October 2013
Issue Fourteen Guru Magazine


  • Improve your life: by putting an end to the multi-tasking madness.
  • A hacker reveals his secrets: and it’s surprisingly easy to do.
  • Make your own pseudoscience in 5 steps.
  • Oddly delicious recipes: go on, treat yourself (or try them on your friends).
  • Plus: reviews, news and plenty of pretty pictures…

Issue Fifteen:

Released: 2nd December 2013
Issue Fifteen Guru Magazine


  • Series-ly Addicted: TV series addict fesses up?
  • When Writers Lie and Cheat: don’t end up like Jonah Lehrer.
  • Miraculous happenings? Or just nature?
  • Sleep more, eat less: why shut-eye is a no-brainer.
  • Dangers and delights of skiing: the real highs and lows.
  • PLUS: reviews, news and plenty of pretty pictures…

Issue Sixteen:

Released: 3rd February 2014
Guru Magazine Issue 16


  • Born to be wild: why it’s good to go outside
  • Make mine a pepperoni: how to print a pizza
  • Stretch it baby! A yoga sceptic gets bent over backwards
  • Nature’s medicine cabinet: happily hugging trees
  • Hot or Not? The secret of real beauty
  • PLUS: more features, news and plenty of pretty pictures…

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