Issue 12

The curious incident…

Issue 12: The curious incident

10 year old Carly had never spoken a word until one day she picked up her father’s laptop and started typing. Diagnosed with autism from an early age, Carly’s fascinating and touching story gives a never-before previously-unseen look at the world through the eyes of an autist.
It’s not to be missed…

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What’s inside this issue

  • Michelin Star cooking at home: experimenting with new kit
  • 3 Tips for life success: from the greatest man the world has never heard of
  • Scepticism: how ear candling helps you to think clearly
  • (un)Reality bites: when reality TV gets too real
  • Six reasons to kiss a frog (no, really!)
  • PLUS: Special news report, new app reviews, the random image, competitions…
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