Issue Four

Feelin’ Groovy: from the stone age to the Jazz age

Issue 4: Feelin’ Groovy

Issue 4 of Guru – entitled ‘Feelin’ Groovy: From the Stone Age to the Jazz Age‘ – boasts a sizzling array of articles, features and asides. The bi-monthly free digital magazine has contributions from all the Gurus plus a few added extras. Food Guru Natasha interviews a world expert on what makes our stomach rumble and explores why diets never work very well. Conversely, homoeopathy is something that seems to work very well – or so say Sceptic Guru Daryl Illbury. James Lloyd dreams of life on other planets and gets cosy with extraterrestrial specialist Lewis Dartnell.

Have you ever wondered what a colour would smell like? No? Well Dr Lacey, our Mind Guru looks into what life is like for those living with the psychedelic condition of the synesthesia. Guest writer and revered science communicator Professor Stephen Curry joins the party explaining how his work with minute crystals could help develop the medicines of the future.

1984 may feel like a long time ago, but Ben Good (Technology Guru) reveals how computers are learning to read people’s thoughts. Art Guru leaves Washington to dip her toes into the watery themed exhibits at The Science Gallery in Dublin.
All this plus pinhole photography, coronal mass ejections and the secret to eternal youth!
Oh, and if you’re a jazz fan – then Evolution Guru Charlie will be music to your ears: You really are the ones with the cleverest brains…!

Get stuck into Issue 4 – it’s crowd-sourced, free and designed for everything digital. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


What’s inside this issue

  • Computers that read minds
  • The beauty of Jazz
  • The joy of repetition by Prof Stephen Curry
  • Diets that never work
  • Europa: Life in our solar system
  • Interview with Lewis Dartnell
Paper copy coming soon!

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