Issue Three

Festive Fatigue

Guru guides you through the holiday season

Issue 3: Festive Fatigue

Not only is it now December (yes, you are allowed to go Christmas shopping now) but it’s also time for some more Guru.

It’s a special 58-page bumper issue with more stuff that you could shove into a stocking: festive articles, reviews, and even some special recipes for Christmas cocktails. Guru Magazine is also celebrating its 6 month anniversary and we are proud to boast that over 30,000 folks have read Guru so far.

In addition to the regular team of contributors from around the world, Guru also features articles from some new faces: Evolution Guru Charlie Harvey, who looks at the tricks that the shops play to get us to part with our cash in the run up to the big day; advertising pro Alex Gough giving her take on the unexpected delights of going food shopping in San Francisco; and the co-host of the Canadian science podcast The Reality Check, Jon Abrams, explains why pinball is the ultimate gaming experience, and why you should love it too!
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Christmas special without a look back on the year gone by, and in the latest issue, the Guru team, alongside journalist and lecturer James Preston, reflect back on 2011 – a year of Royal Weddings, violent protests, phone hacking and the untimely death of Steve Jobs – and looks ahead to what 2012 holds.

Oh yes, and it also features a truly awesome comic strip from Design Guru Sarah Joy, featuring some Gurus (and Dr Stu’s cat – George) as cartoon characters!

What’s inside this issue

  • 58-page bumper issue
  • How Shops trick you
  • The joy of pinball
  • Hi-Tech holiday
  • San Francisco explored
  • Cocktail recipes
Paper copy coming soon!

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