Read Issue 10: ‘X Marks the Spot’…

X marks the spot

Issue 10: X marks the spot

So what’s inside this issue? Food Guru Natasha sniffs around the science of food flavours; Sceptic Guru Daryl reveals the power of Latin; and another resident Guru, James, finds out exactly how men should dance. (A little jiggle here, a little wiggle there…)
And picking up the cover story, Mind Guru Kim finds out how playing video games might leave you feeling compelled to wash your hands.


What’s inside this issue

  • Last minute shoppers are nicer people
  • How real men dance
  • 5 reasons not to prepare for a Zombie apocalypse
  • Use latin to make friends and influence people (an idiots guide)
  • Rediscovering the Macbeth Effect
  • Exploring weird-tasting food
  • Plus: Ask a Guru, news and lots more
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