Tips for reading Guru

Reading Guru Magazine using the App

The easiest way to read Guru Magazine is on the free mobile app. (Check out a review on the Guardian newspaper website):

–          Guru Magazine on Apple Newsstand – Tap/click here!

–          Guru Magazine on Google Play (android) – Click/tap here!

We are aware of some technical issues. Please email us at if you are having difficulties.

Known issues with App

All know issues and bugs are listed here. Use the form on this page to report technical problems.

Technical stuff for reading Guru

Want the best reading experience for Guru? Here’s some tips…

We designed Guru so that it could be read on a tablet (like an iPad),on a Smartphone or an iPod Touch. It should be simple, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing. The downloaded version is more ‘interactive’ than the online version. You can tap on item in the contents to take you to the article you want to read.

There’s also lots of web links to tap on to explore more about the topics discussed in the articles (although you’ll need to be connected to the internet to view them)
Guru G logo
At the end of every article is a little Guru ‘G’ – if you tap on it, it will take you back to the contents page.

Reading on a iPhone or iPad without mobile App

When you’ve downloaded Guru magazine, it is much easier to read in a programme called iBooks. It should come on your iPad or iPhone already, but if it isn’t you can get it here.

When it’s downloaded (should take less than a minute with a good internet connection) tap on the “Open in iBooks” button in the top right corner:

Tap this button to view Guru in iBooks

Now you can move between pages by just swiping left and right with your finger. The magazine will now also be saved onto your iPad/Smartphone memory so you can read it on the go…

Where did my Guru Magazine go?

When you want to read Guru at a later date, all you need to do is open up iBooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:

iBooks icon
Just tap on 'iBooks'

You will now see your book collection…

The iBooks bookshelf
Your 'bookshelf' - but where is Guru?

To view your Guru magazine, you need to tap on ‘Collections’ in the top left and choose ‘PDFs’:

How to view PDFs from iBooks
Tap on PDFs to view your magazine collection

Now you will see your magazines, and providing you have opened Guru up at least once in iBooks, it will be nestled there amongst your other PDFS…

Finding Guru on iBooks
Just tap on Guru and enjoy!

Loading Guru onto your PC / Mac

If you download Guru on your PC or Mac and you want to put it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – just drag it from your computer into iTunes. You can read detailed instructions on how to do that here.

Viewing Guru on a Kindle

We now have a Kindle-only version available. Download it to your computer then open it up in your Kindle software. You can now transfer it to your e-Reader. For tips on doing this, check out this article by Amazon.

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