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The Olympic Village: The Insiders View Via Twitter

The athletes have started to arrive in the London Olympic village. Although the buses got lost on the way there (taking four hours to go about 25 miles). Now inside, the Olympians are snapping photos and sharing them on Twitter.

Offering us mere mortals an unparalleled insider’s look, here’s a roundup of some choice Twitpics so far…

Olympic Rings inside Olympic Village

A fitting sculpture for the centre of the village. Source: Olympic (Twitter)

The Olympic Village Gym

Enough weights? The Olympic Village gym. Source: Liam Turner (Twitter)

Olympic Village Canteen

The 5,000 seater canteen. Big Mac anyone? Source: Danny Rose (Twitter)

Food guidelines Olympic

Perhaps not. Chips are officially off the menu. Source: Jon Stone (Twitter)

Olympic village bedroom

The sleeping quarters. Nice bedspread. Source: Liam Turner (Twitter)

Olympic Village Pool tables

R&R – no waiting for a pool table. Source: Lee Power (Twitter)

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2 Responses to “The Olympic Village: The Insiders View Via Twitter”

  1. Great write up! I wonder what will happen to the villages now? Those Olympic Village Pool Tables are for sale here: [link removed – see website commenting policy]

    Posted by Michelle | October 18, 2012, 10:38 am

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