PRESS RELEASE – 14/05/2011

The world’s first digital only science lifestyle magazine will launch on 1st June 2011, promising the opportunity for writers across the globe with a passion for writing to get involved.

Issue Zero of Guru Magazine will be available as a free download from A brand new magazine delivering current affairs, news and features from a scientific slant, the articles guarantee to be engaging and compelling, without the ‘geek’ factor you get in a regular science magazine.

Guru explores the things that really matter: life, love, politics, technology, psychology, food and stuff – in a light-hearted but authoritative way.

Guru is the brainchild of Stuart Farrimond – better known by his online identity Real Doctor Stu – whose website, Doctor Stu’s Science Blog’, has gained an incredible following since its launch last year. Stuart’s articles on subjects including robots, food and nuclear power have been featured in a number of respected publications – including the USA’s Tampa Tribune.

Stuart, 29, says: “I love seeing science in the everyday and extraordinary, and the response that I have had to my blog demonstrated to me that there is huge interest in these topics. Guru Magazine will give the opportunity for writers all around the world who share my passion for science and life to get involved with interesting content and discussion.

The Guru project is starting life as a free digital magazine – designed to harness some of the emerging iPad, tablet and smartphone technologies. At Guru, we believe that when people with a passion for communicating the tricky stuff of life come together – great things can happen”.

What makes Guru so exciting is that it is a crowd-sourcing project, which means that it is written by you and for you. It’s a project that uses the best writers, bloggers, photographers and artists from all over the world – the Guru team will offer the opportunity to contribute to anyone with passion and a bit of ability.

“Download the first issue and see what Guru is all about for your yourself” continues Stuart. “We want you to read Guru, enjoy it, and tell your friends. Get Guru and get involved”.

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Notes to Editors

About Guru

  • Guru is a digital magazine which features contributions from bloggers, artists and photographers from around the world.
  • The first issue will be available to download, for free, from Guru’s website on 1st June 2011.
  • You can follow the latest news from Guru Magazine on Twitter at

For further information, please contact Ben Veal, Marketing & PR Manager at Guru Magazine.

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