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Guru’s Founders

Guru started life in June 2011, led by a small team comprising of Stuart Farrimond, Sarah Joy and Ben Veal. Guru was the brainchild of Stuart following the success of Dr Stu’s Science Blog, which showed that there are plenty of people out there that are interested in learning about science in an easy to understand way!

Stuart identified a need for a  science magazine accessible to all, and with the help of Sarah’s design skills and Ben’s marketing knowledge, Guru was born!

Our Gurus are passionate about a range of different subjects. Here is the team:

Dr Stuart Farrimond – Editor / Science Guru
Doctor Stu originally trained as a medical doctor before branching out into lecturing. Now he works full-time heading up Guru Magazine. He is known for his fascination with dunking baked goods into cups of coffee and having the unique ability to sleep anywhere. You can check out Doctor Stu’s blog at or follow him on Twitter @RealDoctorStu.

Jon Crowe – Deputy Editor / Molecular Guru
As a textbook editor based in Oxford, UK, Jon Crowe publishes other peoples’ writing by day, but likes to express his fascination for science in his own words when the day job is done. A biochemistry graduate and lapsed musician, he is currently testing the hypothesis ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ by trying to learn the bass guitar. He blogs at and you can find him on Twitter @crowe_jon.

Ross Harper – Deputy Editor
A biologist straight out of Cambridge University, Ross spent two years heading his own technology start-ups: BuyMyFace and Wriggle Ltd As he begins his neuroscience PhD at UCL, Ross is living proof that you can take the boy out of the lab, but not the other way around. Between devising his latest crazy schemes, Ross makes an effort to eat (pizza), sleep (two pillows), and exercise (skiing/rugby/swimming). Follow him on Twitter @refharper.

Dr Jon Scott - Guru Magazine Educational SupervisorDr Jon Scott – Content & Educational Advisor
A Professor at the University of Leicester, Jon Scott has more qualifications than you can shake a stick at. Working behind the scenes, he offers advice and oversight for Guru Magazine’s content. Dr Scott was awarded UK Bioscience Teacher of the Year 2011 and is Academic Director of the College of Medicine in Leicester. We are also led to believe he is a pretty good choir singer. You can follow his tweeting @Jon_Scott.

Ian Wildsmith – Design Guru
Ian is responsible for the awesome layout of Guru Magazine, taking over on the design front from founder Sarah Joy in July 2012. Having grown up on computers, Ian studied Media Production at college and Film Production at university. He now puts his skills to good use on our magazine. A self-professed perfectionist, Ian’s favourite thing is making images looking neat and tidy. Which is nice.

Dr James Lloyd – Physics Guru
James studied physics at university and recently finished a climate science PhD. He’s now swapped semiconductors for semicolons, writing about science and blogging at The Soft When not doing sciencey things, James enjoys music making, hill walking, and trying to find the perfect flapjack. Find him on Twitter @jbb_lloyd. Oh, and he was also a finalist in the 2011 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize.

Daryl Ilbury – Talent Scout Guru
Daryl Ilbury is a former award-winning broadcaster, science journalist and op-ed columnist based in South Africa. He holds a degree in Clinical Psychology, a post-graduate HDE in Clinical Assessment and Counseling, and a Masters degree in Science Journalism from City University, London. He is Media Coordinator at SA Agency for Science and Technology Advancement and he hunts down the latest writing talent for Guru. You can see an archive of his work on his website or follow him on Twitter at @darylilbury.

Dr Kim Lacey – Mind Guru
Kim, from Detroit, MI, USA, is interested in anything our minds do: how we remember, how we think, and how our minds play tricks on us. With a Ph.D. in English from Detroit’s Wayne State   University, Kim knows just a thing or two about memory studies, digital media and digital humanities. She also has a serious addiction to ordering combo plates at restaurants. You can read about Kim at or follow her on twitter at @kimlacey.

Natasha Agabalyan – Food Guru
Natasha is a lab scientist and budding chef who loves to explore the science behind what she puts in the pot. Holding a PhD in cell biology, she left her home in Brighton, UK, to continue her conquest for a Nobel Prize in Calgary, Canada. In between drinking excessive amounts of coffee and blogging at The Science Informant, she likes to geek out with an episode or ten of Star Trek. You can follow her on twitter at @SciencInformant.

Matthew Linsdell – Health & Fitness Fitness Guru
Matthew has a degree in Environmental Science and is a certified personal trainer. He calls himself an evidence-based trainer, because training is a field which is littered with well-disguised psuedoscience. When showing others how to tone their flabby bits, he emphasises the biology behind the exercise. If he’s not out running with his dogs, he may send out a tweet at @smartfitmatt.

Autumn SartainAutumn Sartain – Nature Guru
Autumn Sartain writes about biology, conservation, and the environmental / outdoor lifestyle. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology and has worked in the science world since 2004 on various ecosystems and species, currently focusing on sea turtle research. She also loves practicing yoga, eating burritos, and rock climbing.
You can see some of her writing at

Simon MakinSimon Makin – News Guru
Simon is an auditory researcher turned science journalist. Originally from Liverpool, UK, he has a degree in electronics, a Masters in speech and hearing sciences, and a PhD in auditory perception. He worked as a post-doc in the psychology deptartment at Reading University for several years, before recently taking the leap into journalism. Tweets as @SimonMakin.Blogs as Heisenberg’s Hamster.

Ben Veal – Media Guru
Ben Veal is a Public Relations and Digital Marketing professional based in Wiltshire, UK. A big fan of film and literature, Ben also writes for the Daily Mirror about the rather unusual sport that is professional wrestling. Find out more about Ben at You can follow him on Twitter @BenVealPR.


Guru Alumni

Since Guru was founded back in June 2011, numerous writers, photographers and designers have given up their time to help grow both the magazine and this website – helping us to achieve the vision of Guru. Thank you to our Guru Alumni:

Sarah Joy Ben Good Michele Banks Dave Gray Camila Ruz Margot Goldberg
Deborah Wright Dr Kim Wade Taylor Pithers Jackie Ratner Alex Gough James Preston
Jon Abrams Stephen Curry Josh Howgego Kathryn Lougheed Noelle Johansen Leila Wildsmith
Chloe McDonagh Yaroslav Makarov David Smith Charlie Harvey Helen Knowles Lewis Pike
Matthew Linsdell Dorothée Grevers Isabel Hutchison Artem Cheprasov


Are You A Guru?

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