Announcing Guru Magazine Issue 19: Hidden Worlds

The wait is finally – almost! – over. Issue 19 of Guru Magazine is on its way and will be hitting a virtual shelf near you, starting Friday 1st April. And no, it’s not an April fools. At least we don’t think so…

This issue of Guru takes a look at hidden worlds. We peek into the microscopic realms of the bugs inside us, sneak a glimpse at the brains of America’s sporting superstars and paddle through the mysterious waters of the Ganges river. Several of our authors give us their take on the war against antibiotic resistance. And in their writings we catch a glimpse of the weapon that might very well save us from the impending superbug apocalypse.

image3Stranger still, we wander into the hypnotic world of sleep. We see through the eyes of a new mother whose perception of reality is distorted by lack of sleep. We then review a book full of far-fetched sleep tales, each of which is paired with a scientist-written look into the truth behind the fiction.

Speaking of science fiction, we discover that urban bunkers glowing with artificial light and verdant with the leaves of your innocuous-looking packaged salad aren’t quite as fictional as they may first seem. Nor are the fish being farmed to feed these crops of the future.

To top it all off, we wade into the world of conspiracy theories, looking at a book that reveals what makes us a believer or a sceptic, before we reveal which of you are masters of weaving dastardly conspiracies in our Suspicious Minds competition.

Each of these captivating articles will be released from the 1st to the 13th of April. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know the instant a new article gets published. Better still, subscribe now to our email list to make sure that won’t miss a single one.

Image credit: modified from Hernán Piñera via Flickr Creative Commons.

Article by Kate Timms

March 31, 2016

Kate Timms

Kate is a PhD student who previously studied Biomedical Sciences (because she couldn’t decide what she wanted to specialise in) and Maternal and Fetal Health (because eventually she did decide). When not working in a science lab at the University of Manchester until an unseemly hour, she can usually be found watching women’s football (usually also at an unseemly hour). She also has a peculiar habit of trying to make other people watch also her favourite sport. Seriously, have you ever watched a game of women’s football?

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