Sex and Pscyhopaths: Brighton Sci-Fest 2013 kicks off

Brighton Sci-Fest: alternative scienceA science festival isn’t the sort of thing most of us get excited about. Great for kids, the number of my friends who would take a weekend out for science I could count on one (fingerless) hand.

Stow those misconceptions because from today, Brighton will be hosting four weeks of entertainment and enlightenment that promises to titivate both old and young.  In a city better known for fish & chips and free love, the festival will feature Robin Ince, Ben Goldacre, Belle de Jour, Richard Wiseman, and boast lashings of sex, slime and psychopaths.

Almost sounds worth cancelling Valentines’ Day for.

We are assured it is all in ‘good taste’.

If you do have kids, then there promises to be plenty of non-X-rated shenanigans: with jelly beans, K’NEX cars and creepy crawlies. Check out Bright Sparks for what’s on for kids (big and small!).

We will have Guru Correspondents frolicking amidst the bedlam, so expect reviews to follow…

From Feb 6th to March 3rd, each weekends are themed:

Weekend 1 (9-10 Feb) All of Life (Sex & DNA)
Weekend 2 (16-17 Feb) Bright Sparks (family science)
Weekend 3 (23-24 Feb) White Heat, (teen science)
Weekend 4 (2-3 March) Le Geekend (grown-up science)

Festival highlights that caught our eye:

Paranormality with Richard Wiseman
Are paranormal phenomena real?

The Sex Myth: As Belle de Jour, Dr Brooke Magnanti famously funded her scientific research by becoming a sex worker and writing about it in a blog

Zombie Science – Worst Case Scenario: Could it happen? What could you do?

Office Politics: Could the psychopath in your workplace be good news? Oliver James and Kevin Dutton find out.

Big Science Saturday: Learn how cutting-edge medicine is pushing the limits of human survival and the future of health.

Check out the full programme here:

Image credit: Brighton Science Festival 2013

Article by Stuart Farrimond

February 6, 2013

Doctor Stu is editor of Guru Magazine. He originally trained as a medical doctor before deciding to branch out into lecturing, writing, editing and science communication. He drinks far too much coffee, eats lots of ice cream and has a bizarre love of keeping fit.
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