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Christmas Cheer: A hilarious clip from a festive favourite!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my Guru gave to me… a side-splitting clip from one of the greatest festive films ever made!

Mr Griswold

Oh yes, it’s a lofty claim to make, but in the humble opinion of our Media Guru Ben Veal, the festive flick which tops his Christmas wishlist is the underrated 1989 Chevy Chase vehicle, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We’ve already mentioned the healthy virtues of laughter, so we won’t labour the point…

Yes indeed, this classic John Hughes comedy has been a fixture of the Veal family Christmas for the past two decades, so much so that I am capable of quoting the entire dialogue, word for word. But that doesn’t mean that it’s lost any of its comedy touch – and one clip that never gets tiresome is this one, which answers the age old question: just how can I supercharge my sled …?

Enjoy and remember, don’t try this at home!

Every day in the run up to Christmas Guru will be publishing a humorous, witty or intriguing post. It’s the Guru 12 Days of Christmas! Missed any? Click here to see all the festive posts so far.

And yes, we know the real twelve days of Christmas officially starts on Christmas day…

Front slider image: Piedmont Park Snowpocalypse by davidkosmos on Flickr

About The Author:

Ben Veal is a Public Relations and Digital Marketing professional based in Wiltshire, UK. A big fan of film and literature, Ben also writes for the Daily Mirror about the rather unusual sport that is professional wrestling. Find out more about Ben at www.benvealwrites.com.


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