When do the 12 Days of Christmas really start?

A Chirstmas present from Guru
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Anticipation for the Christmas festivities are building, and we couldn’t resist getting involved in the excitement.

The Gurus will be writing a daily post on the Guru website over the ’12 Days of Christmas’ with a selection of entertaining, amusing and informative Yuletide related titbits. Expect some great videos, photos and articles!

Which only leaves the burning question of when the ’12 days of Christmas’ really starts…

The 12 Days of Christmas – when it really starts

adal 2007-4265_Animacio Pare Noel. Sueca PARC. 22-12-2007Ok, I’ll confess I thought the ’12 days of Christmas’ were the twelve days running up to Christmas day. It isn’t. Officially, it starts on Christmas day and runs through to January 5th. ‘Twelvetide’ seems to have its origins in Christian tradition, and would represent twelve days of religious devotion followed by a feast on the thirteenth day (Jan 6th) – Hurrah more mince pies!

Modern culture often makes the mistake to think it is in the run up to Christmas (kind of a mini-advent).

Guru will be dispensing with tradition and running ‘The Guru 12 Day’s of Christmas’ in the days running up to Christmas. Forgive the inaccuracy, but we just can’t wait until Christmas to share some awesome stuff with you!

There’ll be a ‘FESTIVE‘ section on our homepage, and if you don’t want to miss any of them – we’ll be posting them on Twitter and our Facebook page. If you want the RSS feed of just the 12 Days of Christmas, then you can copy this link into your News Reader: http://gurumagazine.org/category/science/feed/

Article by Stuart Farrimond

December 9, 2011

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One thought on “When do the 12 Days of Christmas really start?”

  1. Epiphany – January 6th – would be the 12th day of Christmas, by my count. Why would you have thought the 12 days were prior to Christmas. There is Advent prior to Christmas. I’d really like to know where you got the idea. Thank you.

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