Watch the Amazing Shape-Changing Bird!

When we first saw this, we couldn’t believe our eyes. This truly weird animal video, shot in Japan, shows an owl performing bizarre shape-changing feats. Think your pet dog can do some cool tricks? Watch ‘Transformer Owl’ and be amazed…


What on Earth is going on?

A (less-scary) looking Southern White-Faced Owl. He looks cute… just don’t get him scared! (Image: Joachim Huber via Wikimedia Commons)

This is a Southern White-faced Owl, which has a remarkable ability to change how it looks. When faced with another (slightly-larger) owl, it puffs itself up to appear bigger – in an attempt to scare off the competition.

But in the face of a second, much larger, owl our feathered friend realises it has no chance of competing and so shrinks itself, chameleon-like, to try hide and look like a tree branch!

Pretty incredible isn’t it? If you could get them as pets, I’d get one…

Still interested?

Bird-lovers can find out more about the Southern White-faced Owl’s incredible shape-shifting powers here.

Article by Stuart Farrimond

May 9, 2011

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