What kind of Geek are You?

Would you call yourself a geek? I think there’s a bit of a geek in every one of us (struggling not to get out).

In case you hadn’t realised, geeks can come in all different shapes and (anorak) sizes. This rather beautiful infographic traces the ‘evolution’ of the geek from the original academic geek, right through to geek-chic and beyond… So, what kind of geek are you?

Image designed by Column Five Media and originally published by Flowtown.

Article by Stuart Farrimond

May 14, 2011

Doctor Stu is editor of Guru Magazine. He originally trained as a medical doctor before deciding to branch out into lecturing, writing, editing and science communication. He drinks far too much coffee, eats lots of ice cream and has a bizarre love of keeping fit.
You can check out Doctor Stu’s blog at realdoctorstu.com or his poncy personal website stuartfarrimond.com. Here's his .

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