Meet the Ultimate Entrepreneur – Elon Musk [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last month, the Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial vehicle to dock with the International Space Station – a landmark moment in space travel.

SpaceX, the company behind Dragon, is the brainchild of the billionaire Elon Musk – a man who’s got rather an impressive track record, having previously co-founded Paypal and Tesla Motors.

Check out this infographic, created by, for the full lowdown on Elon Musk and his exciting plans for the future of space travel…

Article by James Lloyd

June 14, 2012

James studied physics at university and recently finished a climate science PhD. He’s now swapped semiconductors for semicolons, writing about the weird and wonderful world of science. When not doing sciencey things, James enjoys music making, hill walking, and trying to find the perfect flapjack. He blogs at The Soft Anonymous and tweets @jbb_lloyd.

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