The iPad 3: What we hoped for and what we actually got [VIDEO]

It’s March time and so it’s time for the mighty Apple to boast about their new wares. Since the iPad 2 was launched a year ago, tech-pundits have been wondering what the next generation of iPad would be like. How could they better their already widely-acclaimed tablet?

To find out, you could of watch the 1 hour 25 minute keynote speech. But in short, the new additions have left many critics a little underwhelmed. The iPad 3 (officially just called the ‘new iPad’) has a better display, better camera, faster processor and can connect to new 4G mobile networks.

Apple won’t say much about the fact that the new iPad is thicker and the battery life is worse on the 4G model. Neither will they be forthcoming about 4G networks only being presently available in 18 countries worldwide. Or the ugly black strip that has appeared on the top of the back casing.

So here’s a quick rundown of the new features, so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s been worth the wait. You can also watch Apple’s new TV advert. But first, here’s what everyone had been hoping for…

What we had hoped for in the iPad 3:


Actual features of iPad 3 (officially called the ‘new iPad’):

Higher resolution screen

–          The most important advancement is the new display. Several months ago, some programmers suspected this would feature in the latest iPad when they discovered some code buried in the latest iBooks software that referred to a ‘high resolution’ screen. The new iPad display boasts lots of pixels. Lots. There are more pixels than the eye can discern (2048 by 1536 pixels on a 9 ½ inch screen) and twice as many as an HD TV. Photos and text should now be as vivid as their real counterparts.

Faster processor

–          To go along with the souped-up display is a faster processor. The higher resolution screen is processor-hungry and so a new processor was a prerequisite to make sure it could keep up with the earlier iPad versions. Nevertheless, Apple promise that the new dual core A5X processor with ‘quad-core graphics’ will give an even faster operating and gaming experience.

Better camera

–          The camera in the iPad 2 was good – but modest in the eyes of a photographer. The new iPad’s 5-megapixel camera allows for better snapping and video recording. It also comes bundled with new software to automatically balance focus and exposure for up to 10 faces.

Better connectivity

–          Access to 4G mobile telephone networks gives you download speeds only bettered by broadband. You will need a special SIM to use (along with a contract to pay for your data usage) much like the 3G version of the iPad 2. Oddly, this development has resulted in a rather ugly black strip across the top of the back casing (you can see it in the TV advert below).

Cheaper iPads!

–          The new iPad will retail at the same price the iPad 2. Which means the older iPad 2 will be cheaper. So even if you’re not excited about the new developments, the new iPad will mean more people will be able to afford to get into the tablet market. Hurrah for that then.

The new iPad TV Advert


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Front slider image credit: iPad Dream by Lance Shields on Flickr.

Article by Stuart Farrimond

March 9, 2012

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  1. The concept vid looks amazing.

    Display looks great on 2nd vid , when u gettin one stu

    let us know what the viewing angels are like and price of the contract for data is .

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