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“I loved every page of this issue! Thank you for making science interesting for us mere mortals!”
Linda Brunet, Guru reader


Guru Magazine is an exclusively crowd-sourced, free science-themed magazine. Released bi-monthly, it’s designed to be read and understood by regular people (like you and I). This means, like Wikipedia, it is shaped by its readers and dependent upon its contributors. Thanks to Wellcome Trust funding, Guru is entirely free – but to keep it free we need your views. Being a part of the Readers’ Panel will give you a unique opportunity to say what you really think of Guru.

The results from the two 10 minute surveys will be used as part of research to find out whether reading this kind of magazine changes the way we view science. By signing up, we’ll let you know whenever a new issue comes out.


To be a part of the Readers’ Panel, all we ask of you is to read Guru and complete two online surveys over the next 12 months. They’re not taxing, and your results are used to gauge your attitudes toward science.

  • Takes about 10 minutes per survey
  • Your results are anonymous
  • Complete one survey now, another in six months and a final one in eleven months


We hugely value having a group of readers who will stick with us and help shape Guru Magazine’s future. If you’ve got something to say – be it good or bad – we’ll pay special attention to what Readers’ Panel members have to say. If there’s a feature or article you to want to see, we’re all ears…

So what are you waiting for? Fill in your email below to complete the first survey – then we’ll do the rest.

Count me in! Take me to the Survey:

Note: The survey is based on an authorised attitudes to science questionnaire. Give yourself 10-15 mins to do it. It is a bit repetitive – but just give your gut reaction! Got a question? Send us an email here.

Won’t I get spam?

Nope, we will never give your details to anyone else. Your personal details will be kept confidential and when you’ve completed the final survey we will delete any personal details (age, gender, country, etc).

What will you do with my answers?

As part of the Wellcome Trust’s financial backing, we are trying to find out whether reading Guru Magazine changes peoples’ attitudes toward science. To do this, we need a cohort of readers who will complete a questionnaire over a twelve month period. The surveys you complete will be a bit repetitive but they are based on validated questionnaires –meaning we’ll get meaningful results at the end.

In particular, we are interested in recruiting non-scientist adults in their 20s and 30s. Anyone can join, however, and all results will be made anonymous.

Can I change my mind?

Certainly. If you want to opt out at any point, then send us an email and we’ll delete all your details from our records.

Got any more questions? Check out the small print or send us an email

“Guru Magazine has great design and content” Adrian Ebsary, Peer Review Radio, Ottawa

The Readers’ Panel Competition Rules small print:

Normal Guru Magazine competition rules apply. In addition:

  • The grand prize draw (including an iPad, hot air balloon ride and electronic accessories) will take place on 1st November 2013 after completion of the final survey (on 1st October 2013).
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • The iPad will be the latest version of the iPad at the closing date
  • Non-UK residents who win may be offered prizes of equal value (e.g. vouchers to buy an equivalent prize)
  • The grand prize draw will only be open to those who have completed all three Readers’ Panel surveys by 1st November 2013.
  • Readers’ Panel members will be notified via email when to complete the attitudes to science survey.
  • Readers’ Panel members have one month to complete each survey.

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