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Every Friday, we take in your questions about (almost) anything. Got a question about life, health, nutrition, psychology or science? If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know, or even just something you were pondering whilst taking a shower – let #AskAGuru be the place to go!

To ask a question, simply post it on our Facebook wall or tweet it to @GuruMag with the hashtag #AskAGuru on any Friday. We also accept questions via email.

Our diverse team of writers and Guru’s will research and find you the answer. If we can’t, then we’ll hunt down an expert who can. It might take us a few days to find the answer, but we will do our best!

All the answered questions!

Here is a list of all answered questions (so far). Click on the question to get the answer:

Unfortunately, we are unable to answer every question sent to us. We will always endeavour to answer as many as possible.

Disclaimer: #AskAGuru is to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. We will not answer questions that are racist, sexist, discriminatory, or in any other way offensive or condone illegal behaviour. We are unable to answer questions that address personal healthcare needs. The answers are correct to the best of our ability, but should not be used to base any healthcare or other personal decisions on. Guru Magazine cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content contained on this website and if you see something here that is incorrect, please leave a comment on the respective page, or send us an email.

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