Can electrical cables go in the recycling bin

How to dispose of worn electrical cables

Cables are exposed to various conditions: friction, pressure, heat, humidity, sunlight and other environmental factors. This can cause broken wires or split insulation that exposes the copper wires inside. If you can see the copper wires in your electrical cable, it means they are worn and need to be replaced. Keep reading to learn how you can easily get rid of those old, worn out cables!

Opt for recycling

To get rid of worn out electrical cables, you can always opt for recycling. To do this, contact a company specializing in the field. It has the necessary equipment to carry out this operation: shears and electrical cable strippers.

Recycling used electrical cables also involves separating materials and components. This may require the use of special equipment such as dosing hoppers, magnetic separators, connecting conveyors or filtration devices to capture dust.

As for the copper inside electrical cables, it can sometimes be used a second time in industry. Plastic can also be used as a secondary raw material in certain areas.

You need a professnal with many years of experience in the field of recycling. Their team can take care of, among other things, house clearance, dumpster rental, unsanitary cleaning, destruction of archives, crime scene cleaning and furniture sales depot.

Change your electrical cables

The most obvious way to get rid of old electrical cables is to replace them. They are dangerous because they are more susceptible to damage and can rupture and cause a fire or electric shock.

Worn cables also lose their conductive properties over time. This means that electrical current may flow at a slower rate, causing devices to overheat. A worn cable is also more susceptible to insect infestations if exposed to moisture.

Have your cables cleaned by a professional

If your cables are not very worn, but have become stained over time, you may want to consider having them cleaned. Cleaned cables are less likely to corrode or attract insects and are easier to repair if they are accidentally cut. This can extend the life of the cable.

Install a cable conduit kit

You may want to consider installing a cable jacket kit if your cables are not worn out, but exposed to moisture or sunlight which can corrode the exterior of the cables. Cable conduit kits are made of vinyl material that protects electrical cables from moisture, sunlight and insect infestations. They are easily installed on the cables and there is no need to replace them entirely.

Cable conduit kits are not suitable for heavily worn electrical cables. They also do not protect those who come into contact with high pressure or heat.

Install new copper cables

If your cables are very worn, you may want to consider installing new ones. Depending on the size of your electrical system, installing new electrical wiring can be very expensive. It can also be time-consuming, as you may need to run new cables to every electrical outlet in your home. To avoid scheduling a two-month project, you may consider replacing only those cables that are severely worn.

In short, there are different methods for getting rid of worn electrical cables depending on their condition. There is, for example, the replacement, cleaning of electrical cables and the installation of a cable duct kit. You can also opt for installing new copper cables or recycling.